Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy

Attract and Retain Key Talent by Creating a Best-In-Class Culture of Workplace Wellbeing
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Benefits of Building a Best-in-Class
Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

workplace wellbeing consultancy

Drive Business Performance:

A happier and healthier workforce that are more committed, productive and loyal.

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Retain Key Employees:

By creating an optimised nurturing environment, your people will be motivated to stay.

corporate wellness consulting

Attract Bright Talent:

New generations are attracted by cultures that promote wellbeing. You will be able to attract brighter talent faster.

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Win Additional Business:

Meet tender requirements in both the private and public sector by producing convincing evidence of investment in workplace wellbeing.

Experience our Award-winning Consultancy Framework

At Dharma Centre for Wellbeing, our tried-and-tested approach to helping you create a best-in-class culture of workplace wellbeing is strategic, comprehensive and systematic

1. Full Workplace Wellbeing Assessment

We will conduct a comprehensive review of your workplace wellbeing culture by:

A. Analysing your workplace wellbeing investments in the last 2 years.

B. Conducting the most comprehensive workplace wellbeing assessment on the market.

C. Identifying the critical areas that will be fundamental for designing a workplace wellbeing strategy.

2. Strategic Development and Prioritisation

We will help you to design the building blocks of your workplace wellbeing strategy by:

A. Creating a vision statement that describes the desired wellbeing culture the organisation would like to create.

B. Developing a mission statement describes the general values and principles that will guide the workplace wellbeing initiative.

C. Creating a SWOT analysis that identifies the areas that require attention.

D. Crafting key strategic objectives that will drive your efforts of achieving your workplace wellbeing vision.

3. Design Optimised Workplace Wellbeing Interventions

We will help you design workplace wellbeing interventions that are strictly aligned with your strategic objectives. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, we will help you to:

A. Prioritise your interventions and adapt them to your needs across all 7 workplace wellbeing dimensions.

B. Conduct a gap analysis to bridge legal compliance gaps and ensure that your company meets workplace wellbeing accreditation standards.

C. Create a master calendar that will give you clarity on your intervention rollout and control to deliver interventions on time and on budget.

4. Recruit and Onboard Workplace Wellbeing Champions

Given the importance that your workplace wellbeing champions will have in delivering your optimised interventions, we will help you to:

A. Recruit workplace wellbeing champions to ensure that the right people have been chosen to take on the responsibility of helping build the desired culture.

B. Onboard your champions by giving them expert guidance and access to a variety of internal marketing tools to meet delivery expectations.

C. Support your champions by having frequent check-ins to track intervention completion and ensure key actions are appropriately evidenced.

5. Workplace Wellbeing Interventions Programme Management

Throughout the critical rollout phase of the workplace wellbeing interventions, we will help you to:

A. Monitor progress and measure feedback through focus groups, pulse surveys and other mechanisms that will allow the impact of the workplace wellbeing initiative to be understood.

B. Provide leadership with regular updates and performance reports to provide assurances that the project is staying on track and achieving objectives.

6. Strategic Monitoring &

To understand the impact of the workplace wellbeing initiative, we will help you track indicators such as:


  1. Employee voluntary turnover
  2. Abseentism
  3. Talent Retention
  4. Talent Attraction
  5. Engagement
  6. Presenteeism
  7. Organizational Health Index (OHI)

7. Workplace Wellbeing Certification Audit

When the time is right, we will conduct an internal audit to assess whether your business is ready to apply for workplace wellbeing accreditation.

We will fully support your business throughout the application process to ensure that your application is successful, and your business gets the recognition it deserves.

Create a workplace wellbeing culture that drives innovation and growth.

Partner with us to bring your workplace wellbeing culture to international standards.


Michael Brousset - Testimonials -

Michel Broussett

Country Managing Director UK & Ireland, L’Oreal

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

César combines real business experience and subject matter expertise with ano non-sense approach to workplace wellbeing.

Our teams and individuals that have engaged with him highlight that his approach is not a cookie cutter recipe but bespoke, realistic and practical.

Emma Martin - Testimonials -

Emma Martin

Head of People & Culture, Pedigree Wholesale

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This approach to workplace wellbeing works!

After years of trying to make a difference to workplace wellbeing and not achieving the impact we were looking for, César and his team shift your perspective to a systematic and strategic approach which, honestly, transforms your thinking and makes a tangible difference.

Become an employer of choice with a thriving company culture that enables growth.  Partner With Us.