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Why Promotions ARE So Yesterday

Why Promotions ARE so Yesterday

“Career development is a partnership.”

In the latest episode of our podcast, we sit down with Julie Winkle Giulioni, a bestselling author (Why Promotions Are SO Yesterday), co-author (Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go), and renowned speaker, about the transformative power of career development in the modern workplace. This engaging discussion sheds light on how organisations and employees can forge a successful partnership to foster growth and advancement.

Beyond the career ladder

Traditionally, career development has been synonymous with climbing the corporate ladder. However, as Julie emphasises, it’s time to rethink this model. The focus should shift from vertical promotions to growth within current roles. This approach not only supports personal and professional development but also aligns with the evolving nature of work where lateral and skills-based growth are increasingly valued.

Practical example: Consider an employee in a marketing role who has mastered digital campaigns. Rather than solely aiming for a managerial position, they could explore advanced data analytics within their current role, significantly enhancing their skill set and value to the organisation.

The power of being self-aware

Julie highlights the critical role of self-awareness in career development. Understanding one’s strengths and areas for improvement allows employees to navigate their growth paths more effectively. This self-awareness can be cultivated through various means, such as feedback sessions, self-assessment tools, and regular reflection.

Practical example: Companies can provide workshops or access to tools that will help their employees identify their key strengths and align their career paths accordingly.

Ongoing conversations are at the heart of development

One of the key takeaways from the episode is the necessity of ongoing conversations between managers and employees. These dialogues are not just annual reviews but regular check-ins that keep career development on the radar and adapt to changing circumstances.

Strategies for effective conversations:
  • Scheduled 1-to-1s: Regularly scheduled 1-to-1 meetings to discuss career goals, progress, and any challenges.
  • Feedback Loop: Creating a culture of continuous feedback, where employees feel comfortable sharing their aspirations and receiving constructive feedback.

Operationalising career development

For organisations, operationalising career development means embedding it into the fabric of their operations. This involves redefining what career growth looks like, emphasising the role of leaders, and honouring progress within current roles.

Key actions for organisations:
  • Integrate development into performance assessments: Include career growth discussions in performance reviews to ensure they are a formal part of the evaluation process.
  • Leadership training: Equip leaders with the skills to support and mentor their teams effectively, focusing on fostering growth and providing meaningful feedback.

Networking and building relationships

The episode also touches on the importance of networking and building relationships as part of career development. Building a robust professional network can open doors to new opportunities and provide support systems that are essential for career growth.

Practical steps for networking:
  • Internal networking events: Host events that allow employees to connect across departments and build internal networks.
  • Mentorship programmes: Establish mentorship programmes where experienced employees can guide others in their career development.

Julie Winkle Giulioni’s insights underscore the need for both individuals and organisations to actively engage in career development. By promoting self-awareness, maintaining ongoing conversations, and operationalising growth strategies, companies can improve workplace wellbeing and create a dynamic environment where employees thrive.

To explore more about integrating these principles into your workplace, listen to the full episode on our podcast. 

Key takeaways:

  • Career development as a partnership: it requires collaboration between employees and organisations.
  • Beyond ladder climbing: focus on growth within current roles.
  • Self-awareness: understand your strengths and leverage them.
  • Ongoing conversations: regular check-ins between managers and employees.
  • Operationalise growth: integrate career development into performance assessments and leadership practices.
  • Networking and relationships: essential for exploring and seizing new opportunities.

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