Managing Workplace Stress for Managers

Stress can hinder productivity by affecting decision-making, concentration and the ability to perform tasks efficiently. Managers who understand and proactively manage stress in their team members can reduce stress levels, prevent burnout and increase job satisfaction. As role models for their team members, managers can set a positive example for their employees by demonstrating effective stress management. This will encourage team members to do the same, reducing the impact of negative stress on the team and leading to a more consistent and reliable workforce.


Our stress management training builds on the ways in which managers can support their teams by managing workplace stress effectively. Learners will explore the stress symptoms to look out for in others, the techniques that work well in dealing with stress, and what actions to take to reduce the risk of team stress. Effective stress management is key to unlocking the potential of any individual or team. Managers who build work environments promoting a healthy response to stress are more likely to succeed in ensuring that their teams reach personal and professional fulfilment.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the mechanics and impacts of stress on team productivity.
  • Identify physical, mental, and behavioural symptoms of stress in your team and how to deal with them.
  • Manage team members to minimise stress, signpost to resources, and provide tools for effective stress management.

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Custodia Cabañas -
“We are immensely grateful for this training session. The senior leadership team was very impressed, and to this day they continue to talk about the experience received and the lessons learned. Our President and his leadership team deem this workshop and past training sessions with Dharma a wise investment”.

Daniella di Caprio

Strategic Communications

Custodia Cabañas -
“Cesar facilitated and led sessions for working groups of CEOs I chair. These are demanding audiences. On every occasion, Cesar’s warm, empathetic style connected well with the audiences and more importantly this was grounded in expert content relevant across all their businesses. They left with actionable insights and much food for thought”.

Paul Pinson

CEO Group Chair
Vistage International