Handling Difficult Conversations for Managers

Recent studies reveal that 69% of managers are uncomfortable having difficult conversations with their teams and most of them shy away from face-to-face conversations resorting to email instead. This attitude often leads to unresolved issues, lack of trust, poor communication, and a sense of unease within the team, hindering professional collaboration. The ability to conduct difficult conversations is an essential skill for managers. It strengthens team dynamics, enhances leadership capabilities, fosters employee development, and contributes to a positive and inclusive organisational culture.


This training covers the practical approaches that managers can take to better approach team discomfort, and improve overall team communication. Effective conflict-resolution requires a comprehensive understanding of the psychology and methodologies involved in conducting difficult conversations. Grounded in the principles of behavioural science, this training will equip leaders with the most effective skills for conflict resolution and improved team dynamics.

In Person


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn advanced mindfulness techniques to develop the optimal emotional and mental mindset for achieving fruitful outcomes.
  • Manage resistance and distractions in order to keep the conversation on track.
  • Stay calm and centred when addressing emotional aspects in difficult conversations, manage resistance, and avoid pitfalls in communication.

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Custodia Cabañas - DharmaWellbeing.com
“I’ve consistently found that the biggest issue with leaders is the avoidance of difficult conversations. I’ve had the privilege to experience this training delivered by Dharma, and I find myself regularly using their techniques in my own dealings with people. This training is a must!”

Paul Jhonson

Group Chairman
Vistage International

Custodia Cabañas - DharmaWellbeing.com
“Initially, we booked a single training session, but with such overwhelmingly positive feedback from our teams and the importance of the topic, we decided to partner with Dharma to extend the training experience to the rest of the business”.

Louise Polston

Director Alsford