Creating Psychological Safety at Work

Psychological safety at work is not about being nice to your colleagues. It means building a culture where workers feel able to give and receive constructive feedback, admit to their mistakes and learn from their team members. Psychological safety is at the heart of all effective business practices and is a must for businesses looking to create an environment where employees can take risks, be authentic, and contribute their best to improve individual and organisational performance.


Our psychological safety in the workplace training outlines key strategies for building a company culture in which team members feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, ideas, and concerns without fear of negative consequences or judgement. Creating psychological safety at work offers you the opportunity to drive business performance. Our training experience will give your employees practical advice based on the latest best practices on how to encourage innovation and creativity, foster open communication, enhance collaboration and teamwork, and promote learning and development, which are all crucial aspects that will support the evolution and growth of your business.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what psychological safety is, why it is crucial for workplace wellbeing, and why it drives productivity and performance in the workplace.
  • Identify the common facilitators and barriers to workplace psychological safety.
  • Apply effective leadership behaviour and strategies to model, support and cultivate a psychologically safe team.

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Custodia Cabañas -
“César has worked with several groups, both of CEOs and Directors, that I Chair. His workshops have been of the highest level: engaging, educational and with easy-to-use practical take-outs. I would have no hesitation in recommending César highly to anyone interested in creating a culture of workplace wellbeing and psychological safety”.

Ian Windle

Founder and Managing Director at Ian Windle Enterprises
Custodia Cabañas -

“I have worked with Cesar on several occasions in his workshops for my clients who are senior leaders, CEOs and MDs. He has a deep understanding of workplace wellbeing – including psychological safety – which he shares with great passion and energy, which ensures everyone is fully engaged and has practical take-aways to implement. Highly recommended!”.

Glenn Watkins