Practising Mindfulness in the Workplace

By embracing mindfulness, participants liberate themselves from trivial concerns, creating space for passion, intuition and drive. The outcome of employee mindfulness training is a workforce equipped with enhanced mental clarity, improved decision-making, and absolute commitment to the cause—an equation that equals both employee satisfaction and business results.


Our training equips participants with the tools to master strategic problem-solving through a mindful approach. Mindfulness encourages non-reactive awareness, enabling individuals to make more thoughtful and rational decisions. It also enhances attention and concentration, encouraging employees to stay focused on tasks. Making strategic investments in mindfulness training empowers individuals to better reflect on situations and find fresh, innovative solutions. Participants emerge with a profound capacity for strategic thinking, improved communication and higher levels of emotional intelligence, a skill set that will contribute to their ongoing personal and professional success.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Improve judgement and decision-making through mindfulness, emotional detachment, and informed wisdom.
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency to better prioritise and complete assignments.
  • Develop inner reflection skills in alignment with solid values to promote purposeful actions in various situations.

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Custodia Cabañas -
“It was a pleasure to attend the session. I found it very engaging and interesting. It was extremely helpful and I have taken lots of valid information away with me and I fully enjoyed the focus on mindfulness. I can honestly say I am including meditating in my daily routine now”.

Jo Drossler

Burlington Medical Customer Care Manager
Custodia Cabañas -
“The workshop was engaging and I didn’t feel silly participating in it. I took away very useful things – and the mindfulness has been a big hit in the office!”.

Tiffany Breeze

ProtecX Senior Sales Co-Ordinator