Managing Workplace Stress

Learning how to effectively manage workplace stress is the first step towards improving worker satisfaction and performance. Employees that understand the impact of stress and how to navigate stressors experience boosted long-term productivity, increased job satisfaction and higher levels of engagement.


Our workplace stress management training delves into what stress is and does, and presents the strategies in place to overcome stressful situations at work. Learners get to explore what stress looks like to them, and apply key techniques to respond to stress effectively.

Teaching your employees how to approach managing workplace stress is a key component in reducing absenteeism, improving work relationships and enhancing their capacity to handle change and uncertainty. Employees who are able to maintain a healthy response to stress will make significant contributions to creating a healthy, productive, and sustainable work environment.

In Person


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a working understanding of the mechanics of stress and its impacts on productivity.
  • Learn to identify the physical, mental, and behavioural symptoms of stress and how to cope.
  • Discover stress-management techniques to navigate real-life stressors.

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Custodia Cabañas -
“We have worked with César and his team at Dharma both in person and virtually in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America for several years. The consistently high ratings and overwhelmingly positive feedback from the leadership teams across these regions speak volumes of the content quality and the mastery in delivery”.

Vicky Hassioti

President’s Business Manager of President

Custodia Cabañas -
“Cesar’s session was truly immersive, providing a comprehensive understanding of optimal well-being. His informative approach not only captivated my attention but also equipped me with practical strategies to enhance my overall state of well-being. Grateful for the invaluable insights gained during this transformative experience”.

Natalie Green

Managing Director
Cordell Health