Achieving Your Ideal Performance State

The ideal performance state is a psychological state in which we experience optimal performance, focus, and enjoyment while engaging in a specific activity. It is often referred to as being “in the zone” or “being in a state of flow”. Workers that achieve their ideal performance state regularly experience a deep sense of immersion, complete concentration, and a feeling of being fully absorbed in the present moment, which results in a higher quality of work over shorter periods of time.


This training will help participants attain their ideal performance state, by introducing key habits and behaviours in areas such as sleep, nutrition, movement, stress-management and social wellbeing. Grounded in the principles of performance science, learners will develop a better understanding of what it takes to reach their top performance potential in their daily personal and professional lives. Helping your workers realise and achieve their ideal performance state is a win-win situation: they become their most efficient, most effective and most extraordinary selves (both at home and at work), and you get top-notch employees who go the extra mile, feel fulfilled, and value your company as if it were their own.

In Person


Learning Outcomes

  • Discover how to effectively tap into a deep reservoir of natural energy to sustain performance.
  • Learn the latest wellbeing techniques to improve performance and increase productivity.
  • Acquire the necessary skills for effective energy management and burnout prevention.

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Custodia Cabañas -
“I have been privileged to experience the magic of César Gamio several times, both in person and online. There are few, if any, other people globally who can discuss wellbeing and its relation to performance and capture the imagination and attention of a corporate audience. We benefitted from fascinating insights derived from César’s many years of experience working with companies of all sizes all over the world. César understands the mindset of a business owner and professional”.

Geraldine Fuller

Business Engagement and Marketing Manager at Liverpool City Council

Custodia Cabañas -
“César has been working with me and my group of CEO’s to help us with our performance and not get burned out in the process. The workshops have been exceptionally powerful sessions which I know had a real impact on how we all focused on what was really important. I have booked Cesar again and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to bring a real difference to them and the teams they lead”.

Vince Tickel

Hunter Luxury