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“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails”.

Harvard Business Review

Our Clients

Our Clients

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René Gallardo - Testimonials - DharmaWellbeing.com

Rene Gallardo

Managing Director, Motorola
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“Their effort has led to improvement in the quality of work and performance of our employees. Employee morale is higher than ever, absenteeism and presenteeism have decreased, and the positive business results we are experiencing are clearly the ultimate proof”.

Paul Buck

Managing Director, Epic Risk Management
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This approach to workplace wellbeing works!

“Working with Dharma Centre for Wellbeing is the best decision we made. Our well-being focus ensures we have happy, healthy and connected people who are productive”.

Michael Brousset - Testimonials - DharmaWellbeing.com

Michel Broussett

Country Managing Director UK & Ireland, L’Oreal

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César combines real business experience and subject matter expertise with ano non-sense approach to workplace wellbeing.

Our teams and individuals that have engaged with him highlight that his approach is not a cookie cutter recipe but bespoke, realistic and practical.

Emma Martin - Testimonials - DharmaWellbeing.com

Emma Martin

Head of People & Culture, Pedigree Wholesale

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This approach to workplace wellbeing works!

After years of trying to make a difference to workplace wellbeing and not achieving the impact we were looking for, César and his team shift your perspective to a systematic and strategic approach which, honestly, transforms your thinking and makes a tangible difference.

Gerard O'Mahony - Testimonials - DharmaWellbeing.com

Gerard O'Mahony

Managing Director, Pedigree Wholesale

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César and his team take the smart approach to delivering cultural wellbeing and cultural transformation. The passion César and his team bring to the table is infectious and has given the team here to courage to embark on the journey towards build a wellbeing culture.

Through every step the team have held our hand ensuring we are on track, encouraging us to push ourselves to do more and changing our understand and perspective on Wellbeing and its importance today.

Vikki Sylvester - Testimonials - DharmaWellbeing.com

Vikki Sylvester

Chief Executive Officer, Acacia Training

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Working with the Dharma team on our wellbeing strategy has been hugely beneficial for our team.

We thought we understood wellbeing, however after working with César and the team we now have a much deeper understanding and as a consequence was able to have more of a positive impact with our team, supporting us to be a healthier and happier business.