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Kizzy Augustin – 15 Mar 2024

Ep 04. Workplace Wellbeing as Defined by the Legal and Regulatory Environment

In this episode, César Gamio chats with Kizzy Augustin from Mishcon De Reya about why workplace wellbeing is key, the perks of mental health and safety systems, and what the law says about employer responsibility to workers.

Andrew Brown – 08 Mar 2024

Ep 03. Employee Rights in the Workplace

Today, we’re discussing employee rights, settlement agreements, claims, tribunals, and much more. Our host, is joined by special guest and Employment Lawyer, Andrew Brown, to share unparalleled expertise and insights.

Peter Kelly – 01 Mar 2024

Ep 02. Mental health, IS045003 and psychological safety at work

Today, we’re discussing the crucial intersection between workplace wellbeing and mental health regulations. Our host, is joined by special guest and ex-HSE inspector, Peter Kelly, to share his unparalleled expertise and insights.

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Why Promotions ARE So Yesterday

Why Promotions ARE So Yesterday

Traditionally, career development has been synonymous with climbing the corporate ladder. However, as Julie Winkle Giulioni emphasises, it’s time to rethink this model. The focus should shift from vertical promotions to growth within current roles.

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