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Mental Health and Safety Management System

Comply with current legislation and enhance worker engagement, retention, morale and performance by implementing a mental health and safety management system that minimises workplace stress and anxiety.
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Employers who comply with legislation for mental health management have reduced:

Legal Risk

“The number of employers being sued in criminal courts by regulators and in civil courts and employment tribunals by employees for breaching their duty of care is on the rise.”

Andrew Brown, Partner, Anderson Strathern, Employment Law

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Financial Risk

“Firms are facing five and even six-figure fines for not complying with implementing effective mental health management systems.”

Kizzy Agustin, Partner, Mischon de Reya, Health and Safety

Reputational Damage

“Companies that are publicly exposed for failing in taking an organisational approach to mental health management in the workplace are seeing their brands tarnished.”

Kate Field, Global Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, BSI

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Why you need a Mental Health and Safety Management System

Benefits Mental Health and Safety Management System
Comply with the law

Many countries now have laws and regulations that legally require employers to identify organisational issues that contribute to work-related mental ill-health. By implementing a fully-fledged mental health and safety management system, your business will be compliant.

Minimise legal, financial and reputational risk

Having a mental health management system in place will help improve the chances of successfully defending a breach of duty of care claim against you as an employer, which will help you avoid paying hefty sums in damages awards.

Reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and long-term sickness absence

Running a system that allows you to identify and manage hazards related to how work is designed, organised and managed, as well as hazards in the social and work environment, will significantly reduce work-related stress and mental ill-health in your business.

Improve retention, engagement and drive performance

By taking a comprehensive and systematic approach to minimising or eliminating hazards of a psychosocial nature in your business, you will create a work environment in which your employees will flourish and thrive.

Gerard O'Mahony - Testimonials -

“Through every step the team have held our hand ensuring we are on track, encouraging us to push ourselves to do more and changing our understanding and perspective on mental health and its importance today”.

Gerard O’Mahony

Managing Director
Pedigree Wholesale

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Emma Martin - Testimonials -
“I would recommend the process to any employer wishing to lead and grow a healthy organisation”.

Melinda Kennedy

Managing Director & Co-Founder

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Mental Health and Safety Management Consultancy Framework

Our extensive and specialised knowledge of managing psychosocial risk in the workplace will allow us to help you set up a comprehensive mental health and safety management system that meets all international standards.
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Project Scope Management

We will partner with you to effectively plan the project implementation strategy, define the mental health and safety management process, and provide you with all the elements of the communication strategy.

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Psychosocial Hazard and Risk Prioritisation

We will help you roll out a psychosocial hazard identification tool to collect psychosocial risk data and provide the tools and guidance required to conduct your risk assessment process.

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Recording and Planning

We’ll design and plan effective control measures and create an exclusive, branded, and secure digital hub to help you record data and manage all documentation related to your mental health and safety management system.

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Action Implementation and Monitoring

We will assist you in implementing and monitoring the success of your control measures and preventive actions to ensure your business is complying with the continual improvement process requirements.

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Systematic Management Review

We will provide you with expert guidance on how to set up and conduct a solid management review process that evaluates the effectiveness of your mental health and safety management system and identifies opportunities for improvement.

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