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Get a Full Analysis of Your Workplace Wellbeing Culture

Find out if your business meets national standards of workplace wellbeing.

What are the benefits of our National Standards of Workplace Wellbeing Assessment?

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Gain access to an extensive analysis of your workplace wellbeing culture

Many business leaders overestimate the effectiveness of their workplace wellbeing efforts: “the view from the top is very different from what workers are seeing on the ground.” (The World Economic Forum). Our national standards assessment will give you an accurate understanding of how your workplace wellbeing culture matches up with national standards of workplace wellbeing.

Take a data-driven approach to workplace wellbeing

The best business decisions that leaders make are the ones backed by data. Despite this, many invest in wellbeing initiatives without proper quantitative indicators. Our national standards assessment will give you access to robust, practical and meaningful data that will help you make optimised choices.

Optimise your wellbeing efforts

Our assessments can be segmented into groups of your choosing: i.e. employee location, function, department etc. This segmentation will help you identify the people, areas or locations in your business that require additional support, allowing you to take immediate action.

Get the ultimate roadmap to wellbeing certification

Our extensive reports offer thorough analysis that will help you bridge the gap between your company’s culture and your preferred workplace wellbeing standard. Alongside the report, you will also receive a clear roadmap and a full set of recommendations to optimise the certification process.

Custodia Cabañas -
“Most of the chief executives that I lead have engaged with Dharma to assess their workplace wellbeing investments against national standards. The quality of their analysis is remarkable and the service provided has been consistently outstanding”.

Mark Fuller

Director and Chair


Emma Martin - Testimonials -
“This approach to workplace wellbeing works! After years of trying to make a difference to workplace wellbeing and not achieving the impact we were looking for, César and his team shifted our perspective to a systematic and strategic approach which, honestly, transformed our way of thinking, making a tangible difference”.

Emma Martin

Group Head of People and Culture
Pedigree Wholesale

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The measurable dimensions of wellbeing

Our assessment will provide you with extensive data and insights spanning the seven dimensions of workplace wellbeing.

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Find out how your company culture compares with national standards of workplace wellbeing.

Find out whether your business meets current national standards of workplace wellbeing