Workplace Wellbeing Assessments

Find out if your business meets legal, national or international standards of workplace wellbeing.

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Choose the right workplace wellbeing assessment for your business:

Track your workplace wellbeing investments to determine whether your business is meeting well-established standards.
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Your Legal Duty of Care

It is estimated that 85% of businesses do not comply with the minimum requirements of their legal duty of care towards employees. That is where we come in. We identify potential gaps in your current legal responsibilities and provide expert guidance to ensure your business is fully compliant.

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DCWc-National Standards

National Standards

Review your workplace wellbeing score covering the seven workplace wellbeing dimensions and 23 sub-dimensions by employee location, function, department, etc. We will provide you with key insights, drawing on company-specific workplace wellbeing metrics, and practical advice on how to improve your score to meet nationally recognised standards.

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International Standards

The worldwide federation of national standards bodies, ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) has recently produced a state-of-the-art global standard for psychological health and safety, and wellbeing. Our workplace wellbeing assessment will provide you with an overview of your company’s wellbeing, as well as a comprehensive set of recommendations to facilitate your ISO 45003 certification process.

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Psychological Safety

Get a data-driven understanding of your organisation’s culture of psychological safety, including a comprehensive breakdown of your departments and management styles.

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What will your business gain from conducting a workplace wellbeing assessment?

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“The view from the top is very different to what workers are seeing on the ground”. The World Economic Forum has reported that many business leaders overestimate the effectiveness of their workplace wellbeing efforts. Our assessment will give you a very accurate understanding of your company’s workplace wellbeing culture.

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How do you measure wellbeing in the workplace accurately? Simple: you carry out the relevant assessments and rigorously analyse the data. The best business decisions that leaders make are the ones backed by data. Despite this, many invest in wellbeing initiatives without proper quantitative indicators. Our workplace health assessment will give you access to robust, practical and meaningful data that will help you make optimised choices.

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Our assessments can be segmented into groups of your choosing: i.e. employee location, function, team etc. This segmentation will help you identify the people, areas or locations in your business that require additional support, allowing you to take immediate action.

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Our extensive reports offer thorough insights and analysis that will help you bridge the gap between your company’s culture and your preferred workplace wellbeing standard. Alongside the report, you will also receive a clear roadmap and a full set of recommendations to optimise the certification process.

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“The feedback from our directors was very impressive, and they are still commenting on the impact that this analysis has brought to the business”.

Francisca Burtenshaw

Senior Director of Human Resources
PRA Health Sciences

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Custodia Cabañas -

“Through evidence-based research, Dharma helped us make a compelling case for the need to invest in developing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our employees in order to increase productivity, safety and performance”.

Deirdre O’Kennedy

Health and Safety Advisor
Aer Lingus

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