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Dharma Centre for Wellbeing

I founded Dharma Centre for Wellbeing to combine my ever-growing love for wellbeing, business, and technology. Armed with these passions that I’ve had for years, I’ve built an international workplace wellbeing consultancy based in the UK to partner with businesses like yours to create a work culture and environment that makes people want to give their best.

Today’s business culture does not offer such an environment: 87% of workers around the world feel that their place of employment is “just a job”. They give the minimum effort required, constantly searching for the elusive work-life balance to live more and work less.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


The new generation of workers, however, are fighting against this complacency in leadership: 68% of employees say improving their wellbeing is more important than career advancement, and 57% of workers are seriously considering quitting their jobs for one that better supports their wellbeing.

This is where we come in.

My team of highly dedicated professionals at Dharma Centre for Wellbeing and I work tirelessly every day to help the businesses that we serve to create the environment that most workers seek: A workplace that creates the ideal conditions for them to be fully engaged and allows them to thrive as professionals.

So if you want to drive performance in your business, retain and attract key talent, gain a competitive advantage, win additional business and distinguish your brand by getting accredited as a “Best Workplace for Wellbeing”, we would love to guide you through this fulfilling journey.

We help organisations of all sizes and across all industries to drive business performance, retain and attract talent as well as win additional business by creating a best-in-class culture of workplace wellbeing.

Cesar Gamio, CEO & Founder of Dharma Centre For Wellbeing

César Gamio: Founder & Managing Director - DharmaWellbeing.com

Cesar Gamio, Managing Director & Founder

Soon after earning his degree in International Business Management from universities in the United States and Japan, César lead a successful career in two Fortune 500 companies in the technology & communications industry for 15 years, holding executive leadership positions in various regions across the world.

César is now an adjunct professor at IE Business School, a Corporate Wellness Specialist certified by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association (U.S.A.), and an Executive Life Coach accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), as well as a Senior Educator for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and Senior Advisor to the London-based Global Centre for Conscious Leadership.

Meet the Core Team

César Gamio: Founder & Managing Director - DharmaWellbeing.com

César Gamio

Founder & Managing Director

Amy Mall:
Business Development Manager - DharmaWellbeing.com

Amy Mall

Business Development Manager

Hannah Thompson: Business Operation and Marketing Manager - DharmaWellbeing.com

Hannah Thompson

Business Operation and Marketing Manager

Penny Boylan:
Project Manager - DharmaWellbeing.com

Penny Boylan

Project Manager
Veronika Kostilnikova:
Client Success Manager - DharmaWellbeing.com

Veronika Kostilnikova

Client Success Manager

Alejandra Sánchez Ruiz:
Client Support Lead - DharmaWelllbeing.com

Alejandra Sánchez Ruiz

Client Support Lead

Merrie Tucker:
Client Support Lead - DharmaWellbeing.com

Merrie Tucker

Client Support Lead

Luz Aircardi:
Designer Extraordinaire - DharmaWellbeing.com

Luz Aircardi

Designer Extraordinaire

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